DoStuff Media – Content

At DoStuff Media, my duties were primarily focused on creating sales materials — presentation decks for clients — and for giving the overall look and feel of those decks an aesthetic overhaul. A great example of my work is DoStuff’s Product Offerings deck, which is intended to familiarize potential clients with the services DoStuff might provide.

(You can download the whole thing here.)

What started as an update became a complete rework

The previous iteration of the deck didn’t make it clear who the company is, or what it does.

In order to address this, I first met with the sales team to understand what they needed from a Product Offerings deck. They wanted, essentially, a media kit to show to new clients. One that illustrates what sets DoStuff apart.

Working with the previous iteration of the deck as a jumping-off point, I used a widescreen format to modernize the deck itself. I added and removed sides for the sake of clarity. I untangled, edited, and rewrote the copy. I also added case studies to the deck that became the basis for the case studies on DoStuff’s website.

Making its debut at a conference in Chicago, the deck was met with rave reviews.

That’s not all the stuff I did at DoStuff

I made dozens of decks like these at DoStuff, each one tailored to the specific needs of the prospective client. My experience as a copywriter, coupled with my UX training, enabled me to wear a few different hats. Along with creating sales materials, I:

• Wrote copy for the Android launch of the DoStuff app.

• Worked with the development team as a UX Designer to help create user flows for new app features.

• Generated ideas for programs and activations for clients.