STAG – Content & Copy

STAG is a men’s clothing boutique with a superior, carefully-edited selection of apparel, accessories, apothecary items, books, and one-of-a-kind vintage items. STAG has opened locations in Dallas, Houston, and Venice Beach. It’s been recognized as one of the best menswear stores in America by both GQ and Esquire magazines.

My Involvement

During my tenure at STAG, I had a wide and varied set of responsibilities.

Specifically, I worked as the Web Store Manager and Social Media Marketing Manager. This entailed work every day as a copywriter, copy editor, content strategist, graphic designer, social media marketer, and e-commerce manager. As e-commerce manager, I led a small team responsible the company’s web store, as well as the site’s platform migration.

I worked directly alongside ownership to create a strong social presence and an outward voice that served as the online manifestation of a company fast becoming one of the great American independent retailers.

Some of my social media duties included:

• Content Creation, especially for the company blog

• Twitter Management

• Instagram Management

• Facebook Account Management & Ads

I created original content for the blog on a daily basis. The above serves as a good example of a product-centered post.

Adventure seating. #InTheNeighborhood #StagAustin #PleaseHammerDontHurtEm

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In addition to highlighting products, we also wanted our social media presence to showcase the voice of STAG's brand. This Instagram post is a great example of this.

Ideally, we wanted to capture our brand's voice, draw attention to a product, and engage our audience. This tweet managed to accomplish all three goals.